Corrugated Box Sales in Fontana, CA

Corrugated boxes in Fontana, CA

At Product Design Global, we offer custom boxes and custom box packaging. Learn about our products and how our services can help you.

Corrugated Box Production

The construction of corrugated cardboard is not the most straightforward process. To start off with, you need trees for paper. The wood is processed into sheets of paper, and then we take the paper as our source to make the boxes.

After the raw paper has been received, it is processed into two different types of paper that make up the structure of various custom boxes. These two types of paper that are created are called liners. Between the two of these layers is the characteristic fluting that gives the corrugated cardboard its strength.

Finally, to make the unique shape that creates a corrugated box, rolls of paper are put into a corrugated roller machine. This process allows us to make custom boxes that are exactly what you need to run your business.

Raw Materials

To achieve a soft finish and sturdy build, we choose paper from trees such as pine, spruce, fir, oak, sycamore, birch, and chestnut. The majority of paper is made from sustainable forests by a company who plants two trees for every one that is cut down.

Because of this process, you can be confident that your custom boxes or custom box packaging is not only going to meet your unique needs as a business but will also be environmentally friendly.

Quality Customer Service

As you can see from how we make our products, our focus is on quality. When you choose us for your packaging needs, we’ll help you develop a competitive advantage with your packaging that you can feel good about.

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