Quality Fabricated Foam in Fontana, Ca


What is a packaging material that can mold to any shape, protects fragile items, and works well with most shippable products? Foam.

So when you want your products shipped in a safe, protective manner, foam is definitely the way to go.

Ship and Protect Any Item With Foam Packaging

Whether you need packaging for delicate instruments in the medical field, packaging for sensitive electronics, or even a form-fitted case for your prized guitar, custom foam packaging is the answer.

It cushions all the precious, delicate items that need protection from falls and jostling during shipping. You can also use foam to ship countless items because it effectively absorbs shocks and impacts, no matter what the conditions are.

Choose Between Polyurethane and Polyethylene

Polyurethane and polyethylene make up fabricated foam packaging. Polyurethane foam is soft and squishy, while polystyrene is hard and rigid.


Polyurethane foam is an affordable, flexible material that you can mold, trim, and squish into any number of shapes to accommodate whatever you want to use the foam for. You can even use polyurethane to make form-fitted inserts for shipping individual components. Because it is so soft, it doesn’t have as much shock absorbing power as polyethylene.

However, polyurethane foam is not recyclable.


On the other hand, polyethylene is more rigid and stronger than polyurethane. But polyethylene can break, similar to Styrofoam, which can be a drawback.

You can recycle polyethylene and make the recycled polyethylene into new foam material for packaging. Recyclers melt polyethylene down and reshape it to use the foam again in many industries. This helps reduce the carbon footprint of polyethylene and allows industries to reuse it as many times as possible.

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